If you have Rheumatic Fever as a child, are you more susceptible to getting Arthritis or Arthritis-like conditions as you age?If you have Rheumatic Fever as a child, are you more susceptible to getting Arthritis or Arthritis-like conditions as you age?

I had Rheumatic Fever at age 3-4. I was wondering if you are more susceptible to getting any Arthritis condition.

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Dr. Alan Erickson says:

I am not aware of any increased risk of autoimmune disease following an episode of rheumatic fever. If there was arthritis associated with your rheumatic fever there may be a risk of osteoarthritis later in life, depending on the degree of arthritis.

Friday, November 12, 2010 - 14:07


03/20/2011 - 15:48

In 1946 at 9yo,I contracted Rheumatic fever. in the days of not much in the way of antibiotics . Penecillin was scarce, because of being depleted by war injuries overseas. The dose I had was a mere 5000U t.i.d. . A mere drop in the bucket compared with todays dosage.. Every joint in my body was affected with swelling redness and Pain. Immediately, I was put to bed to "save the heart" I stayed in bed from October to April..never setting foot on the floor!!!! I recovered, and at 17 had a reoccurence . I was in bed for 6-weeks and recovered. I am now 74 and all doctors I have had in my life state there are no signs of any coronary/valve disease. I have some arthritis in my R.thumb..becoming worse. I like to knit and cross-stitch, so this is not a good mix. (Both bouts of RF were predisposed by Strep-throat.

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