How long can I take Remicade?How long can I take Remicade?

I have been taking Remicade for about 12 years.

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It is a prescription

It is a prescription medication used to treat: Crohn's Disease. And It can reduce signs and symptoms and induce and maintain remission in adult patients.

tutajDr. Frederick Wolfe is

Dr. Frederick Wolfe is a very smart man!

I agree with doctor

I agree with doctor Frederick Wolfe drugs like Remicade increase the risk of infection . We should be carefull

fonte"As far as I know,

"As far as I know, there is no special problem with being on Remicade for a long time as opposed to a short time. However, all drugs like Remicade increase the risk of infection somewhat."

Really? had not idea that they increased the risk of infection... that is a huge problem...


The longer you take Remicade, the higher your risk is of developing complications, like opportunistic infections. Other drugs, such as the 5-aminosalicylic acid compounds, are much safer and much less expensive than Remicade. If you can be treated with these medications instead of Remicade, you are better off.

Thanks for your response

Thanks for your response Doctor. I am also taking Remicade for the past 5years and so far I'm good at it.

Thank you for the answer,

Thank you for the answer, finally I understand for how long I can take it!

It was bad enough to worry

It was bad enough to worry about having a stroke or MI from clots.


There is no limit on the amount of time a patient can take Remicade. The drug has been available since 1998, and many patients have been successfully treated and have been on Remicade for more than six years.


I was really shocked to see this report that you have been using Remicade for this long. One of my friends developed irritation and rashes on skin just after a weeks usage. I think it must have side effects on her body. Please help me out with the dosage that you have been using.

Thanks to Dr. Frederick Wolfe

Thanks to Dr. Frederick Wolfe for the answer. I made some research about this Remicade and I read about it that it should be discontinued if a patient develops a serious infections or sepsis. Is this right Dr?

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