I have an Ana of 1:128 titer speckled pattern. Is this a high titer?I have an Ana of 1:128 titer speckled pattern.  Is this a high titer?

I had a biopsy done on my foot that came back as medium sized vessel vasculitis. Can you please advise what it might all mean. Thanks

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Dr. Carol Langford says:

Thank you for your inquiry. The interpretation of blood test results like this and findings on a biopsy are complex and important. This can only be accurately done by a physician who is evaluating that individual person in knowing what a results means within the context of their specific setting. Given this, it is not possible to for us provide helpful answers to your question. We would strongly encourage you to discuss your questions with your Doctor who obtained these tests so that they can provide answers that would be meaningful to your individual circumstances.

Answered on: Monday, October 10, 2011 - 14:42


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10/04/2014 - 18:53

Specialists may suggest a biopsy if an introductory test propose that a region of tissue in the body is not working regularly. It serves to focus the vicinity or degree of an illness. The subject tissue is for the most part analyzed under a magnifying lens or can likewise be broke down synthetically.

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Once they locate the actually it's her body
that's causing the ANA positive can it be
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