How safe is prednisone with a history of glaucoma and cataracts?How safe is prednisone with a history of glaucoma and cataracts?

I can no longer take NSAIDS because of potential renal disease and prednisone has been suggested as a replacement (5 mg/day) for my achy joints. Despite having peripheral iridotomies done to both eyes to prevent angle closure glaucoma, I developed an acute attack in one eye. The glaucoma made the cataract worse and it was removed. The complications from the glaucoma and cataract surgery have left me with no useful vision in that eye. The cataract in my other eye is already bad enough to cause considerable glare with night driving. How risky is it for me to consider using prednisone as I understand it increase the risk of both cataracts and glaucoma? I have already been taking plaquenil for over 10 years and am concerned about too many drugs that can impact vision.

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Dr. Mike Luggen says:

Given your experience, I too would be concerned about using prednisone and Plaquenil. I think you should explore other treatment options with your rheumatologist and your ophthalmologist. But from my perspective, it would seem that another DMARD would be more appropriate.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010 - 16:48


07/31/2014 - 07:07

I think there is some relevance in such a finding. Using prednisone can be harmful to persons with a glaucoma and cataract history. You have to consult an expert doctor prior using any kind of these. Some useful points are mentioned here.

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