Cause of bone pain?Cause of bone pain?

I have moderate to severe bone pain in both of my femurs. I have officially been diagnosed with Sjogren's for other problems but have no diagnosis for my leg pain. According to my doctor there is nothing wrong with my bones and he can't see a reason for my pain. He advised me to build up my muscles around my femur to see if this would help, how would that help get rid of the pain? I don't see how they are connected.

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Dr. Joe Biundo says:

This is not an easy question to answer because it requires asking a series of questions and performing a detailed physical examination of the area involved to narrow down the diagnosis. However, I can give some general thoughts about the problem. First, I agree with your physician that it is unlikely that your pain is coming from the bone. Although it may feel like bone pain to you, that perception of pain does not at all indicate that bone is the source of the pain. It is also not likely due to the Sjogren's syndrom. More likely, the pain is coming from a muscle problem. Your thigh (quadriceps muscle) and/or hamstring muscles may be tight and need serious stretching to help relieve the pain. Drugs to lower cholesterol can cause muscle pain. Inflammed muscles can cause pain, and there are muscle enzyme tests (CPK, aldolase, and myoglobin) that can help determine muscle inflammation. Polymyalgia rheumatica, which is an inflammatory condition of older people (over 50) that has pain in shoulders and thighs and stiffness and an elevated C-reactive protein and sed rate. A muscle exam to determine tenderness, weakness or atrophy is needed. Strengthening muscles is generally a good idea, but stretching might be more helpful in decreasing the pain. You should see a rheumatologist for an evaluation. If you have already done that, then see a physiatrist (Physical Medicine & Rheabilitation specialist).

Answered on: Thursday, June 3, 2010 - 21:48

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