Osteoarthitis of thumbs caused by lifting?Osteoarthitis of thumbs caused by lifting?

Is it reasonable to believe that someone with a scoliosis of the back can develop osteoarthritis of their thumbs from a lifetime of lifting heavy loads. To explain I have nearly no sensation on the right side of my back. I believe that without conscious awareness when lifting I favor my back with unnaturally shifting stress from my back to my hands(thumbs). This has over time damaged my joints and caused my arthritis. Is this probable and where is the medical documentation online that I can show to support my argument?
Bill R.

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As per an article online from Mayo Clinic about Thumb Arthritis (weblink: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/thumb-arthritis/DS00703/DSECTION=causes):

"The exact cause of thumb arthritis, as with osteoarthritis in general, isn't known. Researchers suspect that it's a combination of factors, including being overweight, the aging process, joint injury or stress, heredity, muscle weakness, and "cumulative load" to the joint. Cumulative load refers to repetitive use of your joint, such as in assembly line work."

There are multiple articles online about thumb arthritis and here are some of them that may help you:




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The exact cause of unknown, but researchers have postulated that it’s a combination of factors including joint ligament laxity, deformed joints, prior fracture or injury to the thumb, and repetitive load to the joint.
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You might also want to try contacting the Arthritis Foundation or your local Arthritis Foundation Chapter and they might be able to also help you.

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