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What tens unit do you suggest for fibromyaliga?

They used a tens unit on my mother-in-law and she improved fast-just wondering what unit you think is best for fibromyalgia.

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Will cracking my knuckles cause arthritis?

I've heard it will. Is it true?

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Please provide me with information about psoriatic arthritis and pain control

The current medical treatments do not address aberrant genetic signaling problems that include MHC and dendrytic cells. I am concerned about the toxic effects of Methotrexate which causes WBC suppression, depletion of folate and potential for hepatic, cardiac, and pulmonary complications as well as a risk of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

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My mom has multiple conditions: arthritis, psoriasis, and pulmonary fibrosis are they related?

My mom also has spinal stenosis related to the arthritis. She gets epidurals and the doc there told her she has DJD, not RA. My grandmother had arthritis, but my niece has RA. What is the likelihood that my mom's conditions are all related? How do we know if she has psoriatic arthritis?

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What effect does an intraabdominal abcess have on the joints?

I suffered a ruptured diverticulum 8/17 (maybe before but that is when the pain was very intense), and it became an intraabdominal abscess. I have psoriatic arthritis and participate in the databank research. My joints are much more tender (even the small bones in my feet). Is this a sequela to this infection and how long will this symptom last? Should I notify my rheum doc now?

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