Have you ever heard of RA causing the ribs not to expand fully? In other words they get stiff or something.Have you ever heard of RA causing the ribs not to expand fully? In other words they get stiff or something.

My Pulmonologist is perplexed with my shortness of breath. He has ordered Arterial blood gasses,R L Heart Cath and they are all normal. I have a very good heart. My Lung function tests are above normal. Having another next month. I do not have Pulmonary Hypertension or Fibrosis of the Lung.
Also I had a cortisone shot in R Hip this month.Didnt work Rheumy thought it was bursitis because the pain is very bad at night and goes all way down my leg. During the day pain is minimal but the nights are awful. Osteo? Putting off X-rays as have had so many roentgens and millisieverts from so many past X-rays.

Answers from our Doctors

RheumMD Admin says:

First, I have to give you the usual disclaimer. We cannot answer personal medical questions because 1) we are not allowed to act as personal doctors and 2) because we don't know about you medically, nor do we have access to your medical tests of physical examination. Only the people who provide you medical care have those results.

Having said that, RA is sometimes associated with mild "restrictive lung disease." That could be the cause of "causing the ribs not to expand fully?" It is not possible for us to say more. One way to get additional information is to ask your new doctor to get you more medical information about the subject. There are many medical articles about restrictive lung disease in RA that might be available to you.

Pain in the leg at night is a very common symptom that is often caused by referred pain from the back. When it is, it is called sciatica. In most instances such pain improves spontaneously.

I hope this information is of some help.

Dr. F. Wolfe

Answered on: Thursday, August 9, 2012 - 11:45


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